Full Spectrum and IEEE 802.16s - Changing The Way The World Operates

Full Spectrum is proud to be a leader in the recently completed IEEE 802.16s-2017 standard, the new worldwide wireless standard designed specifically to meet the security, reliability and coverage needs of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

802.16s addresses the data connectivity needs of automated electric grids, oil and gas pipelines and fields, rail and transportation, commercial and industrial drones, border security among other industrial needs.   The standard uses dedicated licensed radio frequencies for the exclusive use of network connected devices.  If your industrial wireless network is not 802.16s, then your data communications are potentially at risk to every user on the public internet.

The standard was developed hand in hand with the leadership and support of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the world's leading utility research arm, and some of the US's largest electric utilities.  The standard is the elemental building block in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Introducing Cobalt-Plus S1G - the most advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) in the world - capable of supporting IEEE 802.16s for Industrial Networks and so much more

Full Spectrum is proud to introduce its next generation remote Software Defined Radio, the Cobalt-Plus S1G.  A compact remoteradio which operates in all frequencies between 50 MHz and 6 GHz, and all channel sizes from 50 kHz to 10 MHz. The Cobalt-Plus S1G works with all existing FullMAX networks with high transmit power and is also compatible with IEEE 802.16s - the new standard for the industrial internet.

From Narrowband to Broadband, there is no reason to choose anything else.

To go directly to our new compact Cobalt-Plus 700 for the US Upper 700 MHz A Block

                                                   Cobalt - Plus S1G Compact Remote Radio

                                                  Cobalt - Plus S1G Compact Remote Radio

Full Spectrum is proud to be a sponsor of UTC Telecom & Technology 2018 in Palm Springs

We are Full Spectrum, a Silicon Valley based company that designs, manufactures and sells FullMAX™, our patented, state-of-the-art, point-to-multipoint, wireless radio system for secure, licensed, private, wide-area broadband networks. 

FullMAX™ networks are completely customer owned, customer operated and customer controlled. All using licensed spectrum below 1 GHz. 

Our radios enable wide area intelligent networks for smart grids, smart pipes, smart fields and any other mission critical network that needs internet protocol connectivity.


FullMAX™ has been designed from the ground up (or should we say the tower out) to meet the needs of electric utilities and other mission critical entities. Our software defined radio is rapidly becoming the standard in private, licensed, broadband networks for electric utilities. And we’ve just gotten started.  

With FullMAX™, you are not tethered to a single communications standard like LTE or WiMAX. We run our wireless communications protocols on general processors and FPGAs eliminating the never-ending obsolescence driven by dedicated chipsets.

Learn what a FullMAX™ network can do for you. If you provide us with your tower and remote locations, we will generate a complete RF study based on FullMAX™ technology at no cost or obligation. Just click here or page down to the Network Assessment section for the easy to use format.

Learn how these and other leading utility companies and organizations have used FullMAX™ to tackle their most challenging data communications needs.

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