These are the main reasons utilities are selecting FullMAX™ over the rest.
Our networks are being deployed in some of the most remote areas in North America to the most densely populated… from Yellowstone National Park to Washington DC.



Each FullMAX™ Base Station provides up to 30 miles of non-line of sight, point-to-multipoint coverage. That’s nearly 3,000 square miles of coverage from a single base station. Other wireless broadband solutions provide roughly 30 square miles of coverage. 3,000 vs 30. That translates to 100 times more infrastructure for towers, backhaul and operations & maintenance expense with others. And this ignores the complexity, restrictions and delays in obtaining hundreds of new tower assets. In fact, most FullMAX™ customers today are able to deploy using just their existing land mobile radio towers.


FullMAX™ radios operate in any licensed frequency band below 1 GHz and in channel sizes ranging from 40 kHz to 5 MHz in width. With frequency and channel agility, hundreds of licensed frequency options are at your disposal for both your initial deployment and for future growth. And when combined with FullMAX’s state of the art Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), Time Division Duplexing (TDD) and Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC), there is no more spectrally efficient solution in the market.
Frequency Agility + Channel Agility + OFDMA + TDD + AMC = Superior Spectral Efficiency



Control is why you decided to select a private network in the first place. Control from oversubscribed commercial carriers with thousands and thousands of users per tower. Control from legacy copper networks that continue to deteriorate. Control during man-made and natural disasters. Control over the security, latency and availability of your mission critical data packets.