Atlanta, GA, Tuesday, January 19th, - Press Release

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC), Great River Energy and Full Spectrum are presenting a new wireless standard, 802.16s, designed specifically to manage mission critical assets throughout the electric grid.  The proposed standard is based on Full Spectrum’s industry proven FullMAX wireless technology which is an implementation of the Mobile WiMAX standard for private wireless cellular networks.  A number of utilities nationwide have already adopted FullMAX technology and they, along with EPRI and UTC, are recommending that it be adopted as a standard for the entire industry.

This new standard is designed to meet the burgeoning data needs required by utilities to manage the electric grid.  The US electric grid is going through one of its greatest transformations in modern history due to a number of factors including the need to radically decrease carbon emissions, increase efficiency, respond to cyber security threats and incorporate new distributed energy resources including solar and wind generation.  The new IEEE standard is expected to be adopted in 2016.