Utility market need for private wireless data connections increases dramatically

FullMAX, the industry leading solution for private wireless data communications for electric utilities, has taken a leadership position in the burgeoning market for data communications to manage distributed generation assets (e.g. remote solar storage, etc.).

The utility industry, already in the process of implementing major data communications upgrades at substations and distribution automation locations, now finds the need to manage many more assets at the grid-edge that will be supplying power back into the grid.  These assets have similar mission critical requirements to distribution and substation automation assets including low latency; requirements that cannot be met by commercial wireless providers.

"Over the past several months, we have received new market requirements and forecasts from several major utilities which number in the hundreds of thousands of locations specifically for managing distributed generation assets," stated Stewart Kantor, Full Spectrum's CEO.  "The increased uptake in solar installations seems to be the primary driver of these new needs.  And when we extrapolate these numbers industry wide, we see a new multi-million unit market for FullMAX radios."