Full Spectrum presented today at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)’s special interest group live webcast on the intelligent grid. More than 150 utilities and industry experts from around the globe attended the live, interactive web session. 

In its presentation, Full Spectrum highlighted the advantages of using a private, utility owned, licensed, wireless solution for the implementation of mission critical smart grid applications.  Below is a description of the content of the webcast. A complete copy of the video presentation  can be downloaded under the “News and Events” web page on the Full Spectrum website. 
“Utilities are now engineering their next step forward from the smart meter to wide area  distribution automation. For each utility, this move involves deploying thousands of real-time,  controllable feeder devices including automated voltage regulators, capacitor banks, Reclosers  and so on with the ultimate goal of implementing a diverse, self-healing grid. However, the  communications demands of distribution automation present challenges not previously met by the  utilities. Existing solutions, including legacy licensed narrowband products, unlicensed wireless  and commercial carrier services, are incapable of meeting the mission critical bandwidth and  quality of service requirements of real time distribution automation. To meet these new  requirements, utilities will need to deploy their own licensed broadband wireless networks. And  which spectrum a utility chooses will ultimately dictate the total cost of ownership and overall reliability.”