Full Spectrum, the industry leader in 4th generation wireless coverage, has enhanced its FullMAXTM software radios to provide a transmit range up to 30 miles or 2,800 square miles of wide area coverage. The new software enhancements more than double the Company’s previous industry leading wide area coverage capabilities.

A single FullMAXTM base station radio now provides up to 35x the coverage of an LTE 4G base station radio. This is especially critical in the deployment of wide area “smart grids” and “smart fields” for the utility and oil & gas industries. Many utilities require ubiquitous coverage over large portions of a state. A FullMAXTM network can provide statewide coverage1 using as few as 20 base stations at a cost of less than $4M in capital and $2.5M in annual operating expenses. Standard 4G LTE technology for similar coverage requires more than 600 base stations at a cost of more than $200M in capital and $75M in annual operating expenses.

The new FullMAXTM coverage capabilities are implemented solely through software enhancements without any hardware changes. The expanded coverage has been implemented through enhanced forward error correction (FEC), expanded symbol rates and sub-channelization capabilities. All existing Full Spectrum radios are upgradeable to the new software release as part of Full Spectrum’s annual software upgrade program.

1 Average state size of 60,000 square miles excluding Alaska