Enables “Internet of Things” for smart grids, smart pipes, smart fields, intelligent transportation…

Sunnyvale, California – January 13, 2015 - Full Spectrum announced today that it has received FCC approval to operate its FullMAX broadband data networks in licensed VHF frequencies between 217 MHz and 220 MHz.  This supplements previous approvals from the FCC for FullMAX operation in the nationwide 700 MHz Guardbands and the 900 MHz Narrowband PCS frequencies.  Collectively, these bands represent almost 7 MHz of high quality VHF/UHF spectrum now available for private wireless data networks.

Full Spectrum’s FullMAX software defined radios are capable of operating in any licensed radio frequency between 40 MHz and 958 MHz in channels sizes between 200 kHz and 5 MHz with radio transmit power up to 20 watts.  The highly flexible FullMAX architecture enables the repurposing of many underutilized radio frequencies for highly secure, private, machine-to-machine use.  FullMAX private networks offer exceptional coverage at 1/30th the cost of commercial LTE networks.


Full Spectrum is a leader today in private industrial networks for the burgeoning Internet of Things market; a market that Gartner, Inc. forecasts to exceed $263 Billion in annual revenue by the year 2020.  Today, FullMAX is being deployed by some of the largest utilities in the United States including NorthWestern Energy (NYSE: NWE) in the Rocky Mountain Region and Rappahannock Electric and Pepco Holdings (NYSE:  POM) in the Mid-Atlantic.  FullMAX networks already provide more than 100,000 square miles of private broadband network coverage over some of the most challenging terrain in North America.