Our end-to-end system enables broadband wireless communications for all of your smart applications. That includes grids, pipes, fields, trains. FullMAX™ is used for your most mission critical data; the data that keeps the lights on, the materials flowing, the fields functioning.

Because FullMAX™ is application agnostic, it can handle whatever Ethernet or IP based application you throw at it.  The network is completely under your control so you can determine the quality of service required to transport your data packets.


Smart Grids

Data communications for substation automation, distribution automation and AMI backhaul in a single, unified, private, licensed, wide area, wireless network.

FullMAX™ has now been widely deployed for real time two way data communications for substation automation, distribution automation and AMI Backhaul.

AMI Backhaul: Our customers use FullMAX™ today to transport smart meter traffic from remote concentrators back to the central office. This includes backhaul of all of the major wireless and wired (PLC) meter infrastructure systems.

Substation Automation: Customers use the FullMAX™ FS4000’s at their substations to carry all of their automation data traffic including AMI concentrators and a variety of SCADA applications. FullMAX’s quality of service (QoS) suite enables the network operator to prioritize data traffic at the application level, providing the utility with maximum flexibility.

Distribution Automation: FullMAX™ radios have also been widely deployed down-line from the substation to a host of DA applications including reclosers, capacitor banks, voltage regulators and voltage sensors.


Smart Fields

Smart fields, i-fields, e-fields. There are a variety of names for an important new and evolving need; a reliable way to monitor and control various aspects of oil and gas field production in real time with high security. FullMAX™ can eliminate the connectivity challenges required to implement a smart field, especially in remote, “communications denied” areas as well as in areas where control, reliability and security can mean everything. With a single FullMAX™ base, you can immediately have up to 2,800 square miles of non-line of site private, internet protocol coverage. This includes both mobile and fixed data applications, in a single unified network.


Smart Pipes

Water, natural gas and hazardous materials pipeline transportation is vital to daily life. In the US alone there are more than 2.6 million miles of natural gas and hazardous material pipelines.

Pipeline based industries are confronting all of the same issues that all capital intensive utilities are facing; namely how to efficiently manage their distributed and increasingly complicated and or antiquated networks.

The water and wastewater industry has many accumulated years of deferred and underfunded maintenance. New intelligent valve controls can be used to monitor and isolate wasteful and potentially destructive water main leaks helping to reduce their impact on one the world’s most vital resources.

Leak detection is not just limited to the water and wastewater industry but is critical to natural gas, oil and other hazardous material pipelines. With data communications, pipes can be monitor and controlled for pressure, temperature and flow in real time.