Full Spectrum's SDR Radio Platform
For Port Security

Case Study:  Port of Long Beach - This video shows performance of Full Spectrum's SDR Radios using different frequencies.  You will see that low VHF frequencies have exceptional performance in terms of coverage over salt water.  Full Spectrum SDR radios work in any frequency between 30 MHz to 6 GHz, in channel sizes form 50 kHz to 10 MHz and transmit power from 1 watt to 20 watts including high power remote radios.  With the addition of configurable TDD, there is no commercial radio platform that can match our technology.

Full Spectrum's SDR Radio Platform For Electric Utility Field Area Networks

Case Study:  Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Substation Automation over 8,000 square miles of difficult terrain in central and northern Virginia including remote portions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Using just the customer’s existing 9 land mobile radio tower sites, FullMAX™ is providing broadband data connectivity to 120 utility substations for SCADA and AMI backhaul. Furthermore, the network is ready for 100’s of new down line distribution automation devices when required.  

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Blakey Ridge Tower Site high in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The customer has challenging terrain including rolling hills and dense woods.  The customer has 3 base stations operating in distinct 1 MHz channels covering a 20 mile radius.  

gre install.jpg

Example substation installation of a Cobalt-Plus Remote Radio in the customer provided NEMA enclosure.  The compact design allows for a wide range of installation locations.