Cobalt - Plus 700 Compact Remote Radio

Cobalt - Plus 700 Compact Remote Radio

Full Spectrum is proud to introduce it's next generation remote Software Defined Radio exclusively for the 700 MHz Upper A Block, the Cobalt - Plus 700.  This compact remote subscriber radio operates using Time Division Duplexing in the two (1) MHz channels from 757 MHz - 758 MHz and 787 MHz to 788 MHz.   The Cobalt-Plus 700 works with all existing FullMAX networks with high Tx power and is compatible with IEEE802.16s - the new standard for industrial grade, mission critical licensed networks. 


FullMAX is the only FCC authorized wireless broadband system for the US nationwide Upper 700 MHz A Block.  

  • The A block consists of two (1) MHz channels at 757 MHz - 758 MHz and 787 MHz - 788 MHz.
  • Utilities and private wireless network operators are able to leverage all of FullMAX's capabilities to get the greatest benefit of this private band.  This includes a state-of-the-art 4th generation, point-to-multipoint, OFDMA, end-to-end network with maximum coverage.
  • No other technology offers similar capacity, frequency reuse and coverage.  Period.

FullMAX Minimizes Interference Among Adjacent 700 MHz Private Networks

  • Our customers use FullMAX to build private wide area networks over large geographic areas at very high transmit power.  This opens adjacent customers to potential interference including the following scenarios:
  1. Remote Radio interference caused by an adjacent network Base Station
  2. Remote Radio interference caused by an adjacent network Remote Radio
  3. Base Station interference caused by an adjacent network Remote Radio
  4. Base Station interference caused by adjacent system Base Station. 
  • FullMAX offers the ability for adjacent customers to eliminate interference in Scenarios 2 and 4 above and to minimize the interference in Scenarios 1 and 4.
    • Scenarios 2 and 4 can be eliminated by leveraging FullMAX's common air interface protocol and the precise timing of transmit and receive of TDD frames coordinated by precise GPS clocks at the base stations.
    • Scenarios 1 and 4 can be mitigated through sub-channel allocation in the adjacent systems including the option to use Band-AMC 2x3 with support for up to 6 distinct subchannels.

Full Spectrum's 700 mHz Utility Test Bed in Silicon Valley

Today, Full Spectrum operates its own private, broadband, wireless 700 MHz network as a test bed for its utility customers.  Using a single FullMAX Base Station with a 120 degree sector antenna, we cover 500 square miles in Silicon Valley.  We encourage our existing and potential customers to use this network to test various operating scenarios including mobile and fixed data connectivity.

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